What are airdrops?

What Are Airdrops?

Airdrops is a way of token distribution by awarding them to existing holders of a particular blockchain currency i.e. Bitcoin, Ethereum. Lately, it is also been used a method of marketing in which the cryptocurrency creators run an Airdrop which allows people to get the coins for free without having to deposit or donate anything. I will be covering what are the requirements to participate in Airdrops later on in this post.

Why Creators offer Airdrops?

Cryptocurrency Airdrops
Ethereum Crystal Airdrop

By running Airdrop campaigns the creators of the project gain a lot of popularity and it enables them to reach out to the people who are already familiar with cryptocurrencies, It is a better form of marketing than traditional social media marketing strategies (Since Facebook no longer allows you to run ICO promotion using Facebook Ads anymore.) In order to participate in Airdrop.

The interested user has to complete some small tasks like:

Sharing the Airdrop promotion on Facebook, confirming their email subscription and also sometimes tweeting about the project and also joining their Telegram groups.

By completing these small tasks in return you’re entitled to receive free Tokens which presently may not have any substantial value but maybe in future, they might be worth a few bucks!

What are the requirements for Participating in these Airdrops?

In order to participate in Airdrops you’ll be needing the following Accounts:

For your convenience, we will only be sharing Airdrops that don’t require too much work and effort.

  • An Email Account
  • Social Media Accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Youtube, Telegram, BitcoinTalk (forum).
  • An Ethereum Wallet which supports ERC20 Token Standard like MyEtherWallet.com (MEW) or Trust Wallet mobile application, Exchange Wallet Addresses will not work. If you haven’t created a wallet on MyEtherWallet, I would suggest doing it now and also to read the necessary information.

Once you have completed all the steps mentioned above you can easily finish every Airdrop without any hiccups. One more thing, make sure that whichever Ethereum wallet that you decide to use should have some balance in it for the Airdrop to work, it doesn’t have to be a large sum just a small quantity shall suffice.

If you need help, Please feel free to reach out to me using the chat widget displayed on the website and let me know how can I be of help.

You will receive the tokens once the promotion has ended which could take a few days or sometimes weeks, sometimes you can instantly receive the tokens but this happens rarely.The tokens will be sent to the ETH Address that you have provided, make sure to provide the correct Public Wallet Address to the Airdrop organizers and not the private key!

Once these coins get listed on exchanges you can trade them for other cryptocurrencies or convert them into fiat currency (USD, EUR, GBP)

These Airdrops promotions are usually organized by project owners that are in the early stages of development. So not all of them will be a huge success, some might rise very high or drop to zero. It’s up to you what you want to do with the coins that you have received for free you can HODL/Hold them or you can exchange them as well. 

I will frequently be sharing with you the latest Airdrops opportunities on the blog and as well as via Email.

Most of these Airdrops and ICOs have a bounty program which included referral links as well, I am not being paid to promote any of the projects. I just like to share the information with people, sometimes I might include referral links in the posts but it’s up to you to whether you want to participate in the project or not. I highly recommend doing research before making any decision.

I am not a big crypto investor, In fact, I own a 3 Cards (RX 580) rig that is what I could easily afford, The purpose of starting this website was to not only educate myself and also to educate people around me. 

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