Socifi Gif ICO Review


Unlike other ICOs what makes SOCIFI different is the fact that it is a pre-existing company which provides free WiFi to people all across the globe. Socifi with their ICO wants to create a decentralized, blockchain-based marketplace which will provide free cellular data to users. They have already partnered with some big companies, you can find out more details about their sponsors and partners in the company’s Whitepaper.

The aim of SOCIFI is to raise 47.9 million USD in the ICO to buy bulks of mobile data. Companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Uber, and Microsoft are already willing to provide free data in exchange for free sponsored advertising.

How Will GIF By SOCIFI Work?


In order to use free mobile data, the users will have to download the SOCIFI application on their phones so that they can interact with these large companies. Since it’s a sponsored data ICO the companies will be pushing advertisements and surveys to attract the maximum number of users and offer them the best deal to avail the free mobile data usage offer. The user doesn’t have to pay anything it will be absolutely free.

Future Prospects of this ICO?

Advertisement: If SOCIFI ICO is successful they will be able to provide a new outlet to large companies which will enable them to connect with their consumers directly. By doing so not only the companies will be building a stronger relationship with their consumers but they will also be able to do more effective marketing which will be much better than the traditional forms of marketing.

Free Mobile Data: This service might turn out to be revolutionary since the idea that they are proposing will be beneficial for common people (providing internet access to the masses in developing countries, where the cost of mobile data is really high.

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This is a tried and tested idea as SOCIFI is already providing free WiFi to over 50 Million users in 67 different countries worldwide, Now they want to try the same idea with free cellular data since the number of mobile users is much higher.

In developed countries, we already have access to the internet and we have to pay small subscription fees every month and same goes for cellular data. However, In other parts of the world where internet services are not only expensive but are also available in only certain regions. Cellular data is the only solution to provide internet access on a massive scale without having to spend a fortune on building infrastructure, these large companies will compete with one another to build cellular towers in remote areas so that they can attract more consumers by spending less amount of money on marketing and taking a positive approach instead of having to spend money on Billboards, TV Commercials or Social Media anymore.

GIF by SOCIFI ICO Token Sale Information


 Right now the price of GIF by SOCIFI token in Pre-sale is 1 GIF = $0,00630263 (35% discount), Crowd Sale launch is set to 3/26/2018.

Positives Aspects:

  • Tested & Proven Concept: As I mentioned earlier in the article, SOCIFI is already operational and has been around for several years now, It is a large company with an excellent track record.
  • Big Sponsors: SOCIFI existing partnership includes some of the biggest companies in the world like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Pepsi, and Uber. They also have the best solutions and technology partners like Cisco, Tata Communications, Equiis

Negatives Aspects:

  • Long Process: It’ll take years to install the necessary equipment, cellular towers and to become fully operational, It is going to be a long-term investment. For more details, you can review the whitepaper as well. 


To find out more information regarding this ICO you can join their official Telegram Channel or other social media platforms to participate in the discussion.

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Disclaimer: The purpose of sharing this information was to educate our readers regarding new ICOs. This is not an endorsement, Don’t invest in any ICO based on our findings, DYOR (Do your own research) before making a decision. Thank you!

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