MinerOne MIO Review

Mio – Miner One ICO Review

In today's ICO Review I'm going to share with you some details regarding Miner One (MIO) ICO. I will be covering topics like what are the benefits of investing in MinerOne.io project and what other features this project has to offer and what makes it unique from rest of the ICOs. 

Due to the recent interest of masses in Cryptocurrency new projects keep showing up almost on a daily basis, not every project is going to be successful a recent study shows around 46-59% of the ICOs that were launched in 2017 have already failed. Now it is critical that one should only invest in ventures after doing proper research. Personally I only invest in projects that I think will be beneficial for me and also for the crypto community.

Miner One (MIO)

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What Is Miner One (MIO)?

Miner One (MIO) is the first ICO that focuses on Crowdfunded Crypto Mining operation. Like I mentioned earlier, ever since Bitcoin became the talk of town everyone is keen on investing in cryptocurrencies and also have started to setup mining farms (setting up mining rigs, ASIC miners) and also buying cloud mining contracts from sites like Hashflare,Nicehash,Minergate etc. 

How MinerOne will Work?

MinerOne is going to setup a huge mining operation after a successful ICO, they will be hosting the hardware in a facility that they own in Sweden. Due to low cost of electricity the MinerOne team claims that their company will be able to generate better ROI as compared to other mining options that are available.

Another thing that makes MinerOne ICO different from rest of the Crypto mining operations is that the community will be managing everything starting from setting up the facilities and also to the distribution of dividends. To calculate the ROI you can checkout the ROI Calculator on their website. Miner One claims that the payouts can go up to 13% a month.

Since it is possible to fairly predict the prices of electricity, the only problem is calculating the mining difficulty since it is to be adjusted regularly based on the hashing power provided by the network of miners, it is important in order to keep the bitcoin generation flow steady.

Also, if you make a direct investment in Bitcoin right now you and due to the price fluctuation you might either end up making a good amount of profit or probably get stuck. Now with Miner One the equipment will not only be maintained by the professionals but the company also intend to allocate a certain percentage of the tokens for Research & Development i.e. Upgrading the hardware to keep the production of BTC consistent over the passage of next 3 Years. Even if there is a downturn in market due to Miner One "Cushion Effect" the platform will still yield an annual return of 10%. 

You can find more details about it on their official website, the Pre-ICO went live on 15th Feb, 2018 with an initial discount of 50% and its already sold out, now the current discount is set at 30% which will be applicable till 28th Feb, 2018.

MIO Token

Miner One (MIO) Token is a ERC20 Ethereum Smart Contract, which means the tokens can be traded as well as stored on Hardware or any ERC20 supported wallet. Unlike the Cloud Mining Contracts (which are limited in terms of duration )these tokens are valid for lifetime. As long as you own MIO Tokens you will continue to receive the payout.

Accepted Payment Methods:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Euro (Direct Payment)

Other Advantages:

All MinerOne (MIO) Token holders will receive a Debit Card and also access to a members dashboard as well as an Android & iOS Application to manage their funds, which makes the withdrawal and deposit of funds convenient. MinerOne will be launching B-Wallet which will serve as a digital wallet and also as a exchange.

The detailed Roadmap is given on MinerOne.io homepage, along with other information.

15 February 2018– Official MinerOne Pre-ICO launch.

June 2018– After successful ICO, the 1st batch of mining equipment will be purchased and will become operational.

June 2018– The launch of Miner One B-Wallet  (iOS-, Android- & desktop-ready)

August 2018– Miner One Debit card will become available to all Miner One Community Members 

November 2018– 2nd batch of mining equipment will be purchased.

Token Distribution

How MIO tokens are going to be distributed:

  • Public: 82%
  • Fundraisers: 10%
  • Research and Development: 6%
  • ICO Bounty Program: 2%

Crowdsale and ICO

  • Starting value of MIO Token: 1 MIO = 0.001 ETH (Current Price of one MIO Token in USD is $0.83)
  • Minimum amount required for participation is: 0.1 ETH or 100 MIO
  • Maximum Number of MIO to be created: 350,000,000
  • Pre-ICO: 350,000 MIO
  • Soft Cap: 3,000,000 MIO
  • Hard Cap: 287,000,000 MIO
  • Crowd Sale End Date: 90 Days from the start date (15th Feb,2018) or when the hard cap is reached, whichever is earlier.
MinerOne ICO Review


MinerOne (MIO) will be initially paying out the dividend in form of Ether (ETH), and distributed to MIO Token Holders on a monthly basis via Ethereum-based “smart contracts”.

The company will be holding 30% of MIO Tokens which are to be set aside to cover management, staff, and maintenance costs. The remaining 70% are distributed to other Miner One Community Members.

However, One they have launched the B-Wallet application, the participants/token holders can request for payout in BTC.

End Date May 15th 2018        00:00 UTC

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  • Rob Miller says:

    thank you for the thorough review…i will invest around 1000 USD to buy some tokens. already made decent profit last investing in some other ICOs time to try out new ones 😉

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