KuCoin Exchange Review

Cryptocurrency Exchanges: KuCoin Review

Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges – KuCoin Review

KuCoin is a newly established Cryptocurrency exchange, it was launched in 2017 although the exchange and trading platform are relatively new. However, the team behind this project has been around for a few years now. They are all expert traders and programmers, KuCoin has marketed itself as a social cryptocurrency exchange. They had introduced their own coin called KuCoin Share (KCS), the benefit of KCS is that you can get Trading fee discount (up to 30%) if you’re holding KCS in your KuCoin Account.

 KuCoin Reviews

Holding 1000 KCS results in 1% discount of trading fees, However, the maximum discount rate shouldn’t exceed 30%. Therefore, holding 10000 KCS results to 10% discount, holding 40000 KCS results to the maximum discount rate which is 30%.

KuCoin Exchange Review

KuCoin is constantly adding new trading pairs on their platform. Currently, the pairs to choose from are BTC, ETH, KCS, NEO, and USDT. KuCoin is also known to get new some ICO listings come in first.


Location: Hong Kong

Features: Exchange Trading, Mobile App, Bonus for KuCoin Share (KCS) holders, API Access.

Verification: KYC is required for enhanced verification, Basic verification doesn’t require any extended documentation just Name and Valid Email Address is required. Basic verified accounts have a withdrawal limit of 2 BTC per day.

Fees: Trading fees are .1% and they also offer a discount on trading fees from time to time.
The withdrawals are coin dependent, varies from coin to coin. Another interesting thing about KuCoin is that some of Kucoin’s fees go back to the users as a Kucoin Bonus”.

However, I have mostly seen people complain about not receiving the commission or Bonus.


The exchange doesn’t have much user feedback at the moment since the exchange is new as compared to other crypto exchanges. No hacker or any other controversy has been reported so far, the downside is limited trading pairs and listings at the moment and also the payment method is currently limited to Crypto deposits only.

The exchange has good potential as some copycats have also hit the market like BiBox which appears to be a clone of KuCoin exchange. If you’re new to Crypto Trading and have limited investment this exchange is suitable for you, Don’t forget to read Binance Exchange Review (The most popular and widely used exchange.)

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