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How To Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC)?

How To Earn Bitcoin (BTC) Online?

If you’re searching for a way to Earn Bitcoin Online then continue reading this article. I’m going to share with you the website that I have been using for earning BTC.

Making Money Online is one of the most common search queries, But nowadays people are also searching for ways to earn Cryptocurrencies thanks to the increasing popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Now, the chances are you may have read other articles on this same topic and they might have covered different techniques like Bitcoin faucets and completing Micro Tasks in return for Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

The platform that I’m talking about is called EARN (Earn.com) I am personally using it for over 2 months now and I have withdrawn the funds quite frequently I will be doing a show video review on this service as well.

What is Earn.com?

Earn.com was formerly known as 21.co, This is how Earn platform works:

You get paid in Bitcoin (BTC) for responding to messages and completing simple tasks (don’t worry, you don’t have to sign up for trials using credit cards or anything like that).

People & Companies send paid micro-tasks to people who have Joined certain lists i.e. Airdrops, Marketing, Programming, Writers etc.

You get paid a minimum of $1 and up to $100 (If you join multiple lists) The criteria for joining lists is also simple it doesn’t require any thorough verification or filling out forms.

In order to start earning Bitcoin all you have to do is Sign Up for an account at Earn (Earn.com) and complete your profile i.e. upload your Profile picture, provide the necessary information like linking your LinkedIn profile, Github profile and Facebook profile.

You don’t have to necessarily link all of the above, LinkedIn and/Or Facebook account is also sufficient for verification.

Currently, at this time I’m only participating in the Airdrops list because whenever I receive a PAID message not only I get paid 1$ to complete the task which normally involves just 4 steps.

– Joining a Telegram Channel

– Verifying my Telegram Username

– Following the sponsor on Twitter

– Providing my ERC-20 Token supported Ethereum Wallet Address to receive free Airdrop/Tokens

See how easy it is?

So let’s Recap here’s exactly what you’ll be needing:

– Telegram Account

– Twitter Account

– Ethereum ERC-20 Token Support Wallet Address (Create one on MEW: MyEtherWallet.com or download Trust Wallet mobile application for iOS/Android)

For withdrawing funds only use a proper Bitcoin wallet application like Exodus, Jaxx, Shapeshift etc do not use Crypto Exchanges wallet.

If you have a CoinBase account you can link it to your EARN account for fund withdrawal.

EARN also allows you to participate in different charities, by donating the money that you have earned to these projects:

– Black Girls Code

– Folding at Home

– Code to Inspire

– CoinCenter

One last thing, after you have signed up to EARN (Earn.com) join their facebook group to expedite the profile verification step!

The sooner you verify the sooner you’ll be able to cash out / withdraw your Bitcoin balance (minimum withdrawal is $2.)

Also, to ensure the safety of your account please enable 2-Factor authentication feature. 🙂

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